Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pantry Challenge


Husband and I are doing a pantry challenge for the month of January.

A pantry challenge, for those of you who have never heard of this, is when you only buy fresh food and you try to use up items in your pantry and freezer. Most people set their challenges to last for one month, but others try to go as long as their pantry can stand it. It's a great way to make do with what you have and reduce waste. Plus saving money is a huge bonus!

Last year we did a pantry challenge and we were able to go a few months without buying much canned/boxed food (we did buy a few things, like canned tomatoes and tuna to get us through, but we went a longer period of time).

Our reasons for doing a pantry challenge are three-fold:
  1. It saves us money (after all the holiday spending, it's always nice to save a few bucks).
  2. It helps to clear out our cupboards and freezer.
  3. It gets us eating more fresh versus packaged food.
So as of now, we're not allowed to buy anything that isn't fresh for at least a month. Only exception is a couple cans of chickpeas, because the last time we were at the store, they were sold out and Husband has a favourite dish which calls for them. Otherwise, we're only buying fresh food, like fruits and vegetables, eggs, milk products and meat.

Has anyone else done a pantry challenge? Anyone want to join me for the challenge?

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