Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sunday Night Chit Chat

What are you….

Gone With The Wind... it's a great novel! I can see why it's such a classic.

Gilmore Girls reruns and the second season of American Horror Story.

Listening to?
Our furnace working overtime to keep the house warm - we had a wicked storm this weekend which brought a cold snap. Hopefully it's not too cold so I can walk home this week.

Nothing - I have a ton of bananas in our freezer, so I want to make banana chocolate chip loaf, but it doesn't really jive with my diet right now.

Happy you accomplished this last week?
Going to hot yoga and sticking to my diet!

Looking forward to this week?
The weekend - I have a long week coming up at work as we're doing focus group testing in the evenings and the 13 hour days are exhausting! The weekend can't come soon enough.

Thankful for today?
My friend's dad - he is in construction and he's going to do some repairs around our house for a minimal cost! I want to fix some of our cracked baseboards and add a screen to one of our windows (the only one without a screen.

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