Friday, January 18, 2013

Planned Spending

Ever since we bought our house, we've had a line in the budget for planned spending. For the first six months of being first-time home owners, we were just throwing this $100 on the Mastercard (which we use for everything) and never really put much thought into it as we bought whatever we needed for the house when it came up. Earlier this month, I finally sat Husband down and we figured out what we would do with this extra $100 each month for the next year. I figured this will help us get the house looking how we want, and also keep us accountable and not buying willy nilly whenever we so desire. It'll be a good lesson in patience for me!

January - new light for the bedroom. I have lamented a few times about how much our current light fixture sucks, so we bought a new one. My mom still hasn't come by to install it yet, but I've been too busy this week to set a date with her. But it's purchased and ready to shine!
February - new dinnerware. This is something we've been wanting for a couple years now. Our current set is chipped and cracked and several pieces have been broken. We'd like to be able to buy a whole new set so we can entertain and not be embarrassed! The difficult part here is that we can't agree on something we both like. Thankfully Ikea just opened up here, so I'm hoping we can find something there that makes us both happy.
March - faucet for the kitchen. Our house is old (built in 1914), but it was updated and actually has a great combination of old world and modern tastes. But the faucet is somewhere in between and just doesn't go with anything. I'd like to replace it with something more modern that fits the rest of the kitchen.
April - screen for kitchen window. One of our windows in the kitchen doesn't have a screen. We'd like to add it so that we can open the window in the summer, which will be great when we cook/bake. (With our two cats, we can't open it now for fear that they'll jump out.)
May - paint for master bedroom. We have already bought the paint for the rest of the upstairs with our Groupon deal, but we also want to paint the master bedroom.
June & July - birthday presents. Both mine and Husband's birthdays are in July, so this money will go towards our gifts to each other.
August - closet organizer. Our closet is fairly small and right now only fits my clothes (and not even all of them). I think with a good closet organizer, we can make better use of the space.
September - shelving unit for office. As mentioned in an earlier post, our current bookshelf in the office is a cheap 3-tier shelf from Walmart. I'd like to do an upgrade!
October - picture frames for dining room. We have a huge wall in our dining room that is begging for pictures! I want to print really cool, bright pictures of our favourite foods. I can easily print the pictures for cheap, but I'll need about a dozen pictures frames.
November - table for front hall. Definitely low on the priority list and I'm not even sure if we really want one, but by November, we'll have been in the house for well over a year and we'll have a better idea of whether or not this is wanted or needed.
December - Christmas items. In case we want to buy a few additional decor items or if we need some extra money for our Christmas spending.

Although we have decided it is flexible (i.e. if we find a great sale on something that isn't on the list until a later month, we'll buy it in lieu of the item that month), we'll stick to this as much as possible.

Does anyone else have a line in their budget for stuff like this? Do you plan ahead or just buy what you want that month?

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