Monday, January 28, 2013

A wonderful day off

Husband and I had planned to book today off work and spend the day together. Unfortunately he wasn't able to get the day off because his co-worker already had the day booked off, but before I knew that, I had asked for the day off and I figured I'd still take it. And it was lovely! Although Husband has to work tonight, we went to Ikea this morning and bought new dinnerware. This was our planned spending item for February.

We got this set in purple and in white:

It's very simple, but the combo of the purple and white ooks really nice together. And honestly, just the fact that Husband and I could both agree on it was a big deal. We tried to find dinnerware we both liked when we were registering for the wedding, but could never settle on anything that we were both happy with and that was reasonably priced. And we've been on the hunt ever since to no avail. So in this way, simple actually worked out well for us. And the fact that Ikea finally opened up here!

Our budgeted amount was $100 and the sets were only $29.99 each, so we got our new dinnerware for $67!

Then, we grabbed Subway and went home where I watched How I Met Your Mother on DVD. Then I tidied up a bit, got my old iPod ready for my mom who's going to use it now that I got my new one. I went to the early hot yoga class - the one I can never get to because of work. And now I'm relaxing, watching more HIMYM. I'll wake Husband up soon and spend a bit of time with him before he has to go to work.

It was a nice, chill day.

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