Thursday, January 17, 2013

Thursday's This & That

  • I am on day two of three 13 hour work days. Luckily the third one is on Monday, so there's a weekend in there. I've thrown my overtime rule out the window and am getting paid out this time. The reason is that we need the extra money to pay for the foundation work on the house this summer. 
  • I spoke with our lawyer very briefly this week and he seems to be making slow, but steady progress with the insurance company. He's waiting to talk to the manager of claims at the corporate office. Hopefully we'll find out soon if they will pay for the repairs! But if they don't, at least we'll be prepared.
  • I ate my first green monster smoothie today, courtesy of a co-worker. I've been commenting on her green smoothies for a couple weeks now, so she brought me in one to try and it was actually quite tasty. It was made from spinach, cucumbers, banana, dates, flax seed and water. I may have to try making one myself at home.
  • I got another freelance piece yesterday! And it should be an easy one that pays well. I still haven't gotten anywhere with the other freelance project though. Why can't people call/email you back when you want to write something about them and their business? This is a good thing people! I've got 2/5 done though (all due in April), so I'm still ahead of the game.
  • I found this great financial website for Canadians - Get Smarter About Money. It has lots of basic information on investing, retirement planning and budgeting, plus some great calculators and a blog. Check it out!

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