Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Diet Bets

Over the past 6 month or so, I put on some extra weight. Without going into too much detail, I was pregnant and lost the baby at 16 weeks (in late October), so that meant I gained a bulk of the baby weight and then didn't have the baby! :(  It's been a painful process, but emotionally Husband and I are on the mend. Now with the holidays wrapped up, I'm on a mission to lose the baby weight.

I am very competitive by nature. So when Erika from Newlyweds On a Budget mentioned a blogger's DietBet, I thought this would be a great way to help motivate me and kick my butt into gear. And I might even win some money along the way!

But why do one competition when you can do three?!

I was chatting with a girlfriend about the DietBet and her and I decided to do our own personal bet - whoever loses the most weight (percentage-wise) wins and the loser has to buy her a pedicure.

But this friend lives out-of-town and the DietBet is online, so I figured why not do a competition closer to home? So, I got Husband involved in a competition as well! The loser has to be slave for the day (or a weekend, still in negotiations on that part).

I have done my weigh-in and my friend and Husband did theirs as well. The DietBet goes until January 28th (4 weeks), but the best with my girlfriend and Husband will go until the end of the month with final weigh-ins on February 1st.

I'm currently at 137.4 lbs. and I'd love to lose 7.4 lbs. this month, but even if I lose 5 I'll be happy! I'm hoping to get to my goal weight (117 lbs. - my wedding weight in October 2011) by May 1st.

Wish me luck!

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