Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thursday's This & That

  • I had a lovely visit this week with a friend who is moving out-of-town. It seems that getting older means saying good-bye as many people leave their hometown for love or money. :(
  • The contractor who is repairing our foundation is coming by tomorrow to look at our baseboards and give us a quote (some of them are cracked or coming away from the wall). This is just something cosmetic that we may want to fix, but first I want to know the cost.
  • Based on my calculations, we will have almost enough for the foundation repair work by June 1st. I'm $1,000 short (need $10,000 total). I'm hoping that freelance can cover that extra cost, or our income tax rebate will be higher than expected. I'm still playing with our budget though, so we'll see! I'm bound and determined to not have to take on any debt for it.
  • I've walked home from work every day since the holidays. There are a few days coming up where I will have a work car to drive home, but otherwise I'm trying to stick to it!
  • I'm doing a great job of sticking to my diet and I've already seen a difference on the scale!
  • My mom is coming over tomorrow night to install our new light in the master bedroom. I love that my mom can do this, but Husband can't! 
  • Husband and I are going to go see Gangster Squad on Saturday evening. I just want to stare at Ryan Gosling for two hours! <3

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