Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thursday's This & That

  • My little girl had her surgery on Tuesday. She's doing well, even though she has to wear a cone for two weeks! She's like Houdini with a tail though and she can get out of it far too easily. We should have the test results in a few days (a week from the surgery date). Keep your fingers crossed that the tumor is benign!
  • Tomorrow I am spending the day at the spa! I'm so freakin' excited! A girlfriend is coming in from out-of-town and we're going out for lunch, then to the spa for a facial, body polish, manicure, and some down time in their mineral pool. Money is tight right now with Christmas, cat bills and house stuff, but with everything that's gone down in the past couple of months, I need this day and Husband agrees. 
  • Husband and my sister and I volunteered for Operation Red Nose this past weekend. It's a service that drives drunk people home in their car. It was really busy - we did 6 rides (about 10 people) and got to spend some time together, which was nice.
  • I am done my Christmas shopping! Stockings and all! 
  • I am re-watching an old show called Breaker High with a very young Ryan Gosling. Did anyone else watch this way back when? I loved the show when it was first on and it's a great blast from the past!
  • Our car battery keeps on dying. It's happened twice in the last couple of weeks. We're taking it in on Friday morning to see what the problem is. Thankfully the car is under warranty, but if we need a new battery, that wouldn't be covered. 
  • Today is the 1st day of Christmas! I am making Husband fettuccine alfredo with chicken. I don't cook and I hate looking at or touching raw meat, so this is a big deal!

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