Thursday, December 20, 2012

December goals update

Instead of Thursday's This & That, I thought I'd give an update on my December goals, which basically sums up what I've been doing lately anyway. 

I'm doing really well on my goals this month! I may even complete them all this month (if I can read fast enough!).
  • Finish Christmas shopping. Almost done! I thought I was done until I found out my brother-in-law is bringing his girlfriend to Christmas dinner. So, now I have to go find her something. Ugh! I'm thinking a simple (read: cheap) scarf.
  • Decorate our house for the holidays. DONE! Our house is very festive! We still have more house than we used to, so I want to buy some additional Christmas decor, but I'm going to wait until the post-holiday sales as it's not a must have. I'd like to get lights to put up outside (all we have our indoor lights), a wreath for the front door and just some general decor.
  • Finish second freelance article. DONE! I even got approval on it and sent it off to my editor already too - four months early! The first one is still pending approval from the subject, but I doubt I'll hear anything until the new year now. At least the bulk of the work is done.
  • Meet with lawyer to figure out the house stuff. DONE! The insurance company has denied our claim (which we knew about last month), but the lawyer has had more discussions with them and he thinks he may be able to fight them on their initial decision. He'd like us to hold off on doing anything re: the previous owners until everything with the insurance company is settled as it could impact their decision. So we continue to wait!
  • Buy the paint! DONE! Finally! We got white for the hallway/stairwell, a pale grey for the spare bedroom, along with a deep purple for an accent wall and then a steel blue for the office/Husband's cave.
  • Read Gone With the Wind. I started reading it last night! Not sure if I'll finish as it's almost 1,000 pages, but hopefully I can put a dent in it during my time off work.
  • Volunteer for two holiday charities. Husband and I, along with my sister, volunteered for Operation Red Nose, which helps keep impaired drivers off the roads during the holidays. This weekend, we're planning to deliver Christmas hampers.
  • Enjoy the holidays! So far, so good! Husband and I are really enjoying our 12 Days of Christmas! More on that later!

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