Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thursday's This & That

Wow - you mean a Thursday's This & That post that actually posts on Thursday?! Incredible! ;)
  • The roof is done! It took a lot longer than anticipated (5 days instead of 2, although it rained most of one day). There were a few complications: the roofer found quite a bit of rotten wood that had to be replaced, our bathroom fan/vent was going into the attic when it should be vented to the outside, as well as a few other surprises (there was duct tape on part of the roof!). But now we have an amazing roof that will last us for a very long time. I'm so glad we went with the "cheaper", non-company roofer - he was great to work with and we didn't get dinged for every little thing. Final cost was just under $6,000.
  • An engineer came out to look at the foundation for the addition this morning. He's going to draw up some plans and figure out what we need to do to bring it up to code. Hopefully it's not too complicated/expensive. I'm crossing my fingers, but not holding my breath!
  • Husband got a GST cheque for almost $200! It was a very welcome surprise. 
  • I am taking the next two Mondays off of work with all my banked overtime, so I'll get three long weekends in a row!
  • Still no word from the lawyer... I'm getting very impatient! 
  • Tomorrow is the anniversary of my first date with Husband. Four years! <3

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