Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August Goals - Update

Wow, I can't believe it's the middle of August already! Why does summer always seem to fly by, but winter is here forever?

Since we're mid-way through the month now, I thought I'd check in on my August goals:
  • Have $1,000 saved in our emergency fund - Done! We have just over $1,000 saved up now and we're continuing to put money aside. 
  • Set up our property taxes - Done! I'm still waiting for confirmation from the province, but I have filed all the paperwork. I even went down to city hall and made a one-time payment so once everything is set up, our monthly payments will be lower. 
  • Finish current freelance projects - I have a few changes to make to the last one before I send it to my editor, but I should finish that today. BUT, I got three more assignments last week! I won't finish all those by the end of August, but we'll see how it goes. 
  • Complete at least six projects around the house - Done! Here's what we did:
    1. Repaired the foundation cracks outside
    2. Fixed bathtub faucet (it was loose)
    3. Tightened bathtub sink (also loose)
    4. Put flooring under the kitchen sink (This was a great idea I saw on Pinterest - put stick-on tiles in the cabinet under the sink to protect the cabinet in case of any leaks.)
    5. Patch ducts (to help save energy)
    6. New roof! The roofing guys have been at our place since Saturday working on this. Rain slowed them down on Sunday, but everything should be done today! 
  • Get Husband more life insurance and disability insurance - I have sent in the paperwork to increase his life insurance through my work, but we haven't done anything else yet.
  • Write our wills - Nothing yet. I keep meaning to schedule a time for us to do this, but something else always comes up.
  • Go to the beach - Not yet. 
  • Host a games night with friends/family - Not yet. We did go to my sister's for games night earlier this month as she can't come to our place because she's allergic to the cats.
  • Read 2 books - I've read one so far - Never Let You Go by Kazuo Ishiguro. A bit of a strange read in that the style of writing is VERY conversational and jumpy, but an intriguing story. 
  • Go to the movies - Done! Saw The Dark Knight Rises. I was pleasantly surprised by this movie! I normally likesuperhero movies, but they're not my fav, but this one I really did enjoy. I'd like to see Hope Springs before the end of the month too.


  1. You've done so much around the house -- quit making the rest of us look bad! :P That's great you've been so productive. I saw the Dark Knight Rises as well, great movie.

    1. lol My part in most of those house things was nagging Husband until he did them, so I can't take credit.