Tuesday, May 7, 2013

From Firsts to Lasts

From Life Oceanside and Penguins, Pasta & Polka Dots.

 1) First Store You Head To In The Mall?
It usually depends on where I park and what I'm after that day. I usually walk through the mall in some sort of order based on where I'm parked, and not so much about which stores I want to go to first.

2) First Aisle You Hit In The Grocery Store
It's almost always the pharmacy section of the store to stock up on toiletries, make-up, vitamins and feminine products! Then I can get down to my food shopping.


  1. I tend to avoid the mall - when we go, it's for something super specific.

    At the grocery store - we always hit up the veggies first (it's right when you walk in).

    1. I try to stay out of malls too! Better to avoid the temptation.

  2. Where I park was my answer too! lol (: