Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend accomplishments (and fails)

I hope everyone (whoever is actually reading this, if anyone) had a great weekend! Mine was spent working on freelance and school work, but I got a lot of sleep and was able to get my PVR down to a manageable amount, so that made up for it!

Here's where I stand with my to do list. Not everything to done, but relaxing was worth it!

- Write and practice my presentation for class - DONE! I have to give the presentation today and I'm feeling pretty good. I may practice one or two more times for safety. - Get approval on one freelance article - DONE! Approved and sent to editor.
- Finish writing another article - DONE! Sent off for approvals (hopefully will get that this week).
- Interview expert and write a 3rd article - FAIL! Interview is done, but I haven't started the article yet.
- Read Chapter 7 of textbook - DONE!
- Do Chapter 7 journal - FAIL! Not done, but this was working ahead anyway, so I don't feel too bad.
- Do 2-4 final assignment questions - DONE! I did 4 questions in total, so I did really well on this one.
- Pick up wedding thank you cards from Costco - DONE! - Write half of the TY cards (25 of 50 - I'm hoping husband will do his friends/family, so that will be an easy check!) - FAIL! We didn't pick up the cards until Sunday.

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