Wednesday, November 16, 2011

2012 Goals

As we are getting closer to the end of 2011, I want to outline our financial goals for next year.

1) Get out of debt. By the end of 2011, we'll have about $3,000 to pay.
2) Save $2,500 in an emergency fund. This is aggressive, as it's about $1,000 more than what we'd have if we kept up with our current plan of $50 a month.
3) Have $15,000 in a savings account for a down payment on a house. We're currently at $5,000, so we have $10,000 to save next year.
4) Pay for Hawaiian vacation.
5) Go on another trip (location TBD)
6) Increase Husband's RRSP contribution. My job offers an excellent pension, so my small RRSP contribution is enough.

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