Monday, November 19, 2012

What's better than free?

My mother-in-law donated to a local charity and with her donation, she got a package of various gift cards for local establishments. She has no interest in using them, so she gave me all the gift cards! I get a manicure, microdermabrasion treatment, slimming spa, 2 weeks at Shapes and indoor tanning all for free! Plus, a neighbor/friend of hers also donated and I got her cards as well, so I can take a friend or, if there is more than one location, I can go twice.

Today I went for the slimming spa. I wasn't too sure what to expect, but I figured it's free, so why not! And it actually was kind of fun. You strip down to either a bathing suit or bra and underwear and the technician applies electro pads to your abdomen. The pads send pulses through your stomach, which feels weird, but a good weird. While the pads are doing their thing, you lie in a SOQI bed. The bed has hot houses, which give off infrared rays and warm you up. I didn't get too hot - it was just like laying in the warm sun for 15 minutes.  Then, the pulses are removed and the tech comes back and rubs a cellulite cream on your stomach. She massages it in and you lay in the bed for another 10 minutes. The cream may or may not tingle. I didn't feel any tingles myself, so I think if I had paid for it, I'd feel a big gipped, but it was nice and relaxing.

The free slimming spa that came with the gift card was 30 minutes, but if you were to pay to do it, it would be for an hour and there is more included in the process, including the use of a CHI machine, which is apparently like a whole body massage that oxygenates your system. You can also choose to do another body part, like the thighs or arms. I could have upgraded to the full hour for $30, but since I had no idea what I was getting myself into and upgrading defeats the purposes of being free, I declined and just did the half hour.

I can't say I would do this on a regular basis or pay for it, but it was a fun experience to try. And it was completely free as the woman doing the session owns the shop, so I didn't feel inclined to tip.

And tomorrow, a girlfriend and I are going for free manicures! I <3 free stuff!

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