Monday, November 5, 2012

November Goals

It's been over 6 weeks since I last posted. Life has been nuts and not really in a good way. We had some stuff happen that I won't get into at this time (maybe once some more time has passed and more healing has been done). But it has kept me away from blogging as I couldn't really focus on anything else. But I'm hoping now I can use the blog as a bit of therapy to get life back to normal.

And what's more normal than a to do list? At least for me it's completely normal! So here are my November goals:

- Put up wedding photos. This has been on the list for awhile, but I really want to get it done now to remind me about what's important in my life - Husband, friends and family.
- Meet with lawyer to figure out the house stuff. This battle is still ongoing. Will post an update after our meeting.
- Write our wills.
- Increase Husband's RRSP contribution.
- Paint the office and/or spare room. We have a Groupon deal for paint and painting supplies that expires in mid-December, so I want to be sure we use that in time.
- Get 75% of Christmas shopping done. I have 10 people to buy for, so I'm hoping to get shopping for 7 to 8 people done this month so as not to overwhelm the budget and me!
- Fix Blackberry. My phone stopped receiving emails for some reason (I can send emails and send/receive texts with no trouble). I've tried a few different fixes to no avail, so now I need to do a backup and restore.
- Set up interviews for 2 of 4 freelance articles. The articles aren't due until April, but since I have so much time, I want to divide and conquer one each month.

Hopefully I can get these things accomplished this month and go into holiday mode feeling feeling prepared and relaxed.

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