Friday, December 9, 2011

No spending challenge a no-go

So a few weeks ago I issued myself a no spending challenge. And.... well, it didn't go so well. So badly in fact that it's not even worth reporting the results. It seemed like every day we had to buy one thing or another. Well, not "had" to, but rather we just did. Most of it was on eating out, treats (there's a restaurant downstairs from my office that sells cupcakes - 'nuff said), and Christmas gifts.

But, I'm re-issuing the challenge. The only problem will be that I still have some Christmas shopping to do. We'll see how things go. Even if we don't do a stellar job at it, I'll feel better for keeping track. So here's how this past week panned out:

$1.85 - treat on coffee break during my evening class

$3.05 - muffin and milk for breakfast
$2.44 - bread

No spend

No spend

$1.95 - we got a Groupon deal for couch/chair cleaning that was purchased last week and today they came to do it. This is just the taxes that wasn't included with the deal.

TOTAL: $9.29

So 2 out of 5 days and under $10. Definitely not a great track record, but it could be worse. And this week is the starting point, so I'm just getting into this whole thing and can improve from here.

I'll start doing the tracking for weekends and Monday to Friday and post the results every Friday. Wish me luck!

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