Friday, February 1, 2013

February Goals

I thought I did pretty well on my January goals until I saw how many fails I had. I still think I did well on what I could control though.
  • Stick to my diet. DONE! I wanted to lose 5 lbs this month and I did that, plus some!
  • Put $500 towards our foundation savings goal. DONE!
  • Set up interview for my third freelance article. FAIL! I tried to get that interview set up, but I was never able to get a hold of the guy despite repeated emails and phone calls. I'll try again in February. 
  • Install new light in our master bedroom. FAIL! My mom was set to come over to install this a couple weeks ago, but she cancelled and we haven't been able to re-book yet.
  • Organize files and receipts. DONE!
  • Paint one room. FAIL! We found out there are a few other projects that need to be completed before we can do this, so it's off the list for now.
  • Start walking home from work again. DONE! The only times I didn't walk home were when I had a work car or there was a wind chill warning in effect. But I got to walk most days!

Here are my goals for February:
  • Lose another 5 lbs. 
  • Put $500 towards our foundation savings goal.
  • Put real pictures in our standing picture frame. We have a large standing picture frame that I've had for over 10 years now. I never bothered to print my own pictures back when I got it, and instead printed cute photos off the internet that I liked and stuck them in. I'd now like to finally print our own photos and put them in the frame. 
  • Complete one freelance interview (and article, depending on when the interview falls).
  • Study French. I'd like to avoid taking an intro French class as it would be too easy for me, but there are so many basic things I've forgotten. I'm hoping that reviewing my old French textbooks will help me get my basic skills back and then I can start classes from there. 
  • Install new light in our master bedroom.
  • Get taxes done! I like to do our taxes early as normally we get a rebate and why would I want the government to keep it for any longer than necessary?

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